Puerto Rico, Southeast States Focus on Preservation

Pavement Preservation Journal, Spring, 2012

By Larry Galehouse, P.E.

More agencies than ever before are adding pavement preservation treatments and developing preservation strategies that safeguard their highway / road investments.

The National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) has long advocated that preservation is the logical approach to achieve improved pavement and bridge conditions within tight budget constraints.

Recently, the NCPP and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) aided the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico in taking a significant step forward toward implementing a preservation program for the island’s highway system.  Alvin Gutierrez, area and materials engineer, FHWA Puerto Rico Division, and Luis Rodriguez, Pavement & Materials Team leader, FHWA Resource Center in Atlanta, were instrumental in helping to establish a strong working relationship between the Puerto Rico DOT and the island’s contracting community to advance preservation.

By working cooperatively with the Puerto Rico DOT, FHWA, and the local contracting community, the NCPP developed an ambitious agenda that included a day-long field review of island roads and bridges and two days of workshops geared for the DOT, local agencies, and island contractors and suppliers.

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