PennDOT Saves Millions on Inspections without Compromising Commitment to Environmental Concerns

AASHTO Journal, 27 July 2012

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has found a way to save money on emissions and safety inspection services without loosening environmental standards.

PennDOT announced this week it has negotiated a contract with Parsons Commercial Technology Group, Inc. for vehicle emissions and safety inspection station management services that is projected to save the state roughly $1 million every year and could save drivers $5.5 million.

The new contract takes effect Oct. 9 and will cut the program management fee paid by all station owners for each initial emission test from the current $2.40 to $1.47. As more than 5.7 million of these tests are administered every year, PennDOT believes this will save at least $5.3 million. The contract also slashes the program management fee for auto safety inspection stations (from 74 cents to 18 cents), which PennDOT encourages stations pass along to their customers.

“We are extremely pleased with this new contract and the opportunity to ultimately save consumers money through these reduced costs,” said PennDOT Secretary Barry Schoch in a statement. “Reducing costs to inspection station owners — a savings which can be passed on to consumers — is a welcome sign in these tough economic times.”

PennDOT also believes it too will save money. Parsons will charge less to oversee the safety inspection program in 25 counties across the state, resulting in a $1 million savings per year.

Additional information on PennDOT’s safety and emissions inspection programs is available at

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