Idaho Expedites Key Transportation Construction Projects

AASHTO Journal, 27 July 2012

Several Idaho transportation construction projects have received the green light earlier than expected.

The Idaho Transportation Board approved a resolution last week that expedites close to $180 million of construction projects in “key corridors” across the state to improve mobility, safety, and economic opportunity for citizens.

“With low interest rates, the need to improve safety, grow the economy through construction jobs, remove bottlenecks to commerce, and improve traffic flow, the board decided unanimously to advance these projects,” said Jerry Whitehead, chair of the Idaho Transportation Board, in a statement. “Saving money and putting it right back on the road reflects well on the people and management of the transportation department.”

According to Idaho Department of Transportation, advancing these projects is made possible through various factors, including lower than expected costs in all of the transportation department’s construction programs; inflation and interest savings; a decision to issue $80 million in GARVEE bonds; and department efficiencies, cost savings, and cash management.

IDOT said the projects were selected based on readiness, pavement condition, congestion, and safety factors. A list of projects is available at

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