New Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council Courses Available

AASHTO Journal, 18 October 2013

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and the Federal Highway Administration have announced that several new Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council (TC3) courses are available online through the National Highway Institute website. All courses were developed by TC3 and free for all registrants.

The new TC3 courses include:

  • Course #132092—”TC3 Earthwork Series: Excavation”: The fourth part in the Earthwork five-part series, this training is an overview of the basic principles related to the requirements for proper excavation during a project.
  • Course #132093—”TC3 Earthwork Series: Fill Placement”: This is the final portion of the Earthwork series, which is an overview of the basic applications where fill materials are to be used, and some common problems and safety considerations to know.
  • Course #381008—”TC3 Job Hazard Analysis”: This course reviews what a job hazard analysis is and why it should be performed, identifies the information that should be documented during a job hazard analysis, and provides example jobs and potential hazards that may be encountered.
  • Course #134113—”TC3 Transportation Asset Management Overview”: Those participating in this course will hear the basics of asset management and why it is important, giving participants new terms and new ways of thinking about what they are already doing.
  • Course #134114—”TC3 Inspector Training for Cold In-Place Recycling (CIR)”: This training provides an overview of CIR, including an explanation of the pre-production inspection, completing the control strip, full production of the mix, mix placement, curing and maintenance, acceptance testing, and measurement and payment.
  • Course #131138—”TC3 AASHTO Designation T 308″: This course explains the importance of asphalt content, describes the equipment needed to perform the test procedure, shows how to perform the ignition furnace test procedure, and instructs how to calculate and apply the correction factors.

TC3, which was established roughly a decade ago, aims to develop and maintain a quality training curriculum to enhance the competency of the nation’s transportation construction, maintenance, and materials technical workforce through a partnership of federal, state, and industry organizations to support the training of highway personnel. The program focuses on technical level skills and training, with more than 80 online training courses available, and now operates as an AASHTO technical services program.

Additional information about and registration for all TC3 courses is available here. Additional information on TC3 is available here.

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