Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Introduces Online Transportation Data Tool

AASHTO Journal, 14 February 2014

Officials at the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet recently announced the creation of a new tool that offers details on all things transportation across the state.

KYTC’s new web portal, DataMart, gives the public direct access to many tools currently utilized by KYTC engineers. DataMart offers details of road and bridge projects, highway crash data, organizational performance measures, traffic data, department fiscal information, past employees, and other transportation-related information. The system was developed by KYTC’s Office of Information Technology to provide a central portal to obtain all this information, automate and display regularly scheduled reporting, and exhibit transparency and accountability for taxpayer dollars.

“The information has always been publicly available, but we have created a single portal through which to access it. We believe this is unprecedented among state transportation agencies in terms of transparency and ease of access,” said KYTC Secretary and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials President Mike Hancock in a statement. “Parts of DataMart are highly specialized, but the portal is evolving and will become progressively easier for public use. We welcome the public’s feedback to help us improve the site.”

KYTC officials say DataMart helps the department provide the reporting that is mandated through the current federal surface transportation bill, MAP-21.

KYTC’s DataMart is available here.

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