Geology and Properties of Earth Materials 2014

TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2433 consists of 15 papers that evaluate cold region applications for in-place inclinometers based on microelectromechanical systems technology; seismic waveform tomography; models for scheduling risk evaluation in subsurface explorations; unknown foundations of bridges subjected to scour; and using field data to evaluate bottom ash as pavement insulation layer.

This issue also explores the generation of hourly climatic data for pavement design from available weather information; discrete element modeling of effect of moisture and fine particles in lightweight deflectometer testing; effect of matric suction on resilient modulus for compacted recycled base course in a postcompaction state; bearing capacity of low-volume roads in Minnesota; and a new procedure for selecting chemical treatments for unpaved roads.

Additionally, this issue examines relationships between traffic loading and environmental factors and low-volume road deterioration; the collection of decision support system data through remote sensing of unpaved roads; the economic impact of closing structurally deficient or functionally obsolete bridges on very low-volume roads; the investigation of safety impact of edgelines on narrow, rural two-lane highways by empirical Bayes method; and assessing transferability of highway safety manual crash prediction models to data from Italy.

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