Soil Mechanics 2014


TRB’s Transportation Research Record (TRR): Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2462 Soil Mechanics 2014 consists of 15 articles that examine the effects of fines content on hydraulic conductivity and shear strength of granular structural backfill; evaluation of AASHTO default values for pullout friction factor, f*, for steel grid mat reinforcement; strength and creep characteristics of reclaimed asphalt pavement–sand blend backfill in mechanically stabilized earth walls; full-scale investigation of differential settlements beneath a geosynthetic-reinforced soil bridge abutment; and a case study on instrumenting and testing full-scale test piles for evaluating setup phenomenon.

This TRR also explores large-diameter pipe piles driven for the Ebey Slough Bridge replacement project in Marysville, Washington; a field test and three-dimensional numerical analysis of a soil–steel tunnel during backfilling; the Fröhlich Theory-based approach for analysis of stress distribution in a layered system; a performance evaluation of roadway subdrain outlets in Iowa; and seismic performance of geosynthetic-encased stone columns.

Additionally, this TRR summarizes a long-term evaluation of geosynthetic reinforcement of flexible pavements constructed over thick organic soil deposits; an investigation of geogrid-reinforced railroad ballast behavior using large-scale triaxial testing and discrete element modeling; killing the Ettringite reaction in sulfate-bearing soils; modeling the drying process of unbound soils and cementitiously stabilized soils; and a comparison of full-depth reclamation with foamed asphalt and full-depth reclamation with no stabilizer in accelerated loading test.

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