Association Launches Store for Online Courses, New AASHTO-TC3 Website

AASHTO Journal, 21 August 2015

The AASHTO Technical Service Program known as TC3 (for Transportation Curriculum Coordination Council) introduced a new AASHTO Training Store within the AASHTO Bookstore and installed a software system that offers more than 50 web-based training courses, with more than 90 to be available in coming months.

The project also launched a new AASHTO-TC3 informational website that includes the history of the curriculum development program.

With a new learning management system software program, AASHTO Training will allow new entrants and professionals moving into new roles at state departments of transportation, or in industry groups and construction teams, to take low-cost online courses supplied by AASHTO TC3.

Previously, TC3 maintained a separate website that explained its development of training products in the fields of construction, materials and maintenance. Those TC3 courses were previously hosted by the Federal Highway Administration’s National Highway Institute.

You can view the new AASHTO-TC3 website site here, and the Training Store offerings and price lists here.

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