Md. Highway Agency Updates Progress of Projects Through Interactive Brochure

AASHTO Journal, 21 August 2015

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration has issued a summer update on its 2015 construction program that provides information about which projects are on time, new schedules for those that are delayed plus information on newly added projects.


The online brochure, which often includes photos of work under way and before-and-after pictures of completed projects such as pavement or bridge replacements, is updated twice a year for scores of projects around the state.

Such informational efforts let residents check on their own to see when a planned project in their area will start and stop. Travelers can also check ahead of time to see what road and bridge construction or resurfacing projects they may encounter on state roads.

The agency said its August update “added many smaller resurfacing projects” from the previous version, which were begun or would be starting this month.

The brochure includes interactive features that allow viewers to find projects by county, for instance, or click into individual project links that may pull up maps to pinpoint locations or detailed page descriptions.

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