Oregon DOT: Managing risk in projects large and small

Oregon DOT Case Study on Managing Risk in Rapid Renewal Projects

A new case study details how the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has implemented a new risk management process on a series of projects, including the $2.5 million Ochoco Creek Bridge replacement project. ODOT used a risk assessment tool developed through SHRP2’s Managing Risk in Rapid Renewal Projects (R09) solution. The DOT was able to save time and money by conducting the comprehensive risk assessments in-house.

Managing Risk in Rapid Renewal Projects uses an Excel-based template to guide teams through a risk management process to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risks. The accompanying R09 Guidebook provides additional tools to assist with each step ― from confirming project scope to the risk management plan implementation.

The case study explains some of the implementation benefits realized by ODOT such as helping to identify and evaluate the project’s most severe risks and their impact on the cost and schedule of the project. In addition, the case study highlights the step-by-step Risk Management Process included in R09. The agency is now training its project delivery staff to apply Managing Risk in Rapid Renewal Projects to projects in a variety of sizes and levels of complexity.

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