Revenue, Finance, Pricing, and Economics


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2597 consists of 16 papers that explore revenue, financing, pricing, and economics, including:

  • Updating State and Local Highway Cost Allocation and Revenue Attribution: A Case Study for Indiana
  • Development of a Fuel Consumption and Mileage Allocation Model to Support Mileage-Based User Fee Research in Washington State
  • Integrating Automated Toll Discounts into a Real-Time Ridesharing Program
  • Impact of New Tolls on Existing Roadway Facilities: Hampton Roads, Virginia, Experience
  • Governance of Public–Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Delivery: Case of the Milan, Italy, Metro Line M4
  • Crowd Financing for Public–Private Partnerships in the United States: How Would It Work?
  • Illustration of a Framework for Benefit–Cost Evaluation of Highway Concession Proposals
  • Economic Analysis of 65 mph Speed Limits on Rural Highways
  • Market Penetration Model for Autonomous Vehicles on the Basis of Earlier Technology Adoption Experience
  • Importance of Recognizing Locational Differences in Assessing the Impact of a Road User Charge: Oregon Case Study
  • Value of Travel Time: To Differentiate or Not to Differentiate?
  • Price Elasticity of Demand on the High-Speed Rail Lines of Spain: Impact of the New Pricing Scheme
  • Integrating Multiple Economic Analysis Methods for More Effective Decision Making: Three-Dimensional Framework
  • Economic Analysis of Freeway Speed Limit Policy Alternatives
  • Activity-Based Computation of Marginal Noise Exposure Costs: Implications for Traffic Management
  • Renewing Trucking’s Infrastructure for the 21st Century

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