Asphalt Materials and Mixtures: Volume 1


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2574 consists of 15 papers that explore asphalt, including:

  • Fatigue Performance of Re-Refined Engine Oil Bottom–Modified Asphalt: Laboratory Study
  • Study of Evolution of Asphalt Binder Microstructure Resulting from Aging and Tensile Loading
  • Effect of Polymer and Oil Modification on the Aging Susceptibility of Asphalt Binders
  • Study of Moisture Impact on Asphalt Before and After Oxidation Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations
  • Detection and Estimation of Re-Refined Engine Oil Bottoms in Asphalt Binders: Texas Department of Transportation’s Approach with Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Blending Measurements in Mixtures with Reclaimed Asphalt: Use of Scanning Electron Microscopy with X-Ray Analysis
  • Evaluating Diffusion and Aging Mechanisms in Blending of New and Age-Hardened Binders During Mixing and Paving
  • Effect of Rejuvenators on Rheological, Chemical, and Aging Properties of Asphalt Binders Containing Recycled Binders
  • Investigation on the Development of Asphalt Mixture Limit Criteria for Low-Temperature Cracking
  • Temperature Effects of Linear Amplitude Sweep Testing and Analysis
  • Quantifying the Thermomechanical Response of Bitumen from Microphase Properties
  • Rolling Thin Film Oven Test and Pressure Aging Vessel Conditioning Parameters: Effect on Viscoelastic Behavior and Binder Performance Grade
  • Measuring Adhesion Between Modified Asphalt Binders and Aggregate Minerals: Use of Particle Probe Scanning Force Microscopes
  • Direct Tensile Test to Assess Healing in Asphalt
  • High-Temperature Properties of Asphalt Binders: Comparison of Multiple Stress Creep Recovery and Performance Grading Systems

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