Highway Capacity and Quality of Service


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2553 consists of 16 papers that explore highway capacity, including:

  • Revised Raff’s Method for Estimating Critical Gaps
  • Some Remarks Regarding the Estimation of Critical Gaps
  • Evaluation of Level-of-Service Measures for Two-Lane Highways with a Simulation Model
  • Right-Turn-on-Red Flow Profile Impacts on Urban Street Capacity Analysis
  • Time Headway Modeling and Capacity Analysis of Pedestrian Facilities Involving Individuals with Disabilities
  • Revisiting Merge-Influence Area Empirically: Operations Inside Recurrent Freeway Bottlenecks
  • Calculating Approach Capacity of Diverging Diamond Interchanges with Consideration of Internal Queue Effects
  • Operational Analysis and Signal Design for Asymmetric Two-Leg Continuous-Flow Intersection
  • Simulation Guidance for Calibration of Freeway Lane Closure Capacity
  • Exploratory Study on Correlation Between Twitter Concentration and Traffic Surges
  • Capacity Modeling for Weaving, Merge, and Diverge Sections with Median Exclusive Bus Lanes on an Urban Expressway: Microsimulation Approach
  • Conceptual Approach for Estimating Dynamic Passenger Car Units on Urban Arterial Roads by Using Simultaneous Equations
  • Investigation of Peak-Hour Factor at Freeway Segments: Urban and Suburban Vicinities
  • Comparison of Variability of Individual Vehicle Delay and Average Control Delay at Signalized Intersections
  • Multiobjective Evaluation of Left-Turn Waiting Areas at Signalized Intersections in China
  • Framework to Assess Multiclass Continuum Traffic Flow Models

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