Pavement Management: Volume 3


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2591 consists of 13 papers that explore pavement management, including:

  • Full-Depth Reclamation: Cost-Effective Rehabilitation Strategy for Low-Volume Roads
  • Fiber Effect on Interfacial Bond Between Concrete and Fiber-Reinforced Mortar
  • Validation of Staged Construction Pavement Design with the Falling Weight Deflectometer
  • New Approach for Managing Pavement Friction and Reducing Road Crashes
  • Effects of Interlayer Systems on Reflective Cracking in Unbonded Overlays of Existing Concrete Pavements
  • Evaluation of Structural Performance of Poroelastic Road Surfacing Pavement Subjected to Rolling–Truck Tire Loads
  • Framework to Improve the Pavement ME Design Unbound Aggregate Rutting Model by Using Field Data
  • Assessment of Pavement Damage from Bus Rapid Transit: Case Study for Nevada
  • Enhancing Pavement Surface Macrotexture Characterization by Using the Effective Area for Water Evacuation
  • Evaluating Skidding Risk of a Road Layout for All Types of Vehicles
  • Probabilistic Analysis to Quantify the Effect of the Use of a Material Transfer Device on a Smoothness Pay Incentive
  • Assessment of Incentive-Only Ride Specification for Asphalt Pavements
  • Comparison of Pavement Texture Measurements from a Three-Dimensional Profiler and a Circular Track Meter at MnROAD Test Facilities

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