Traffic Flow Theory and Characteristics Volume 1


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2560, consists of 12 papers related to traffic flow theory and characteristics, including:

  • Capacity Drops at Merges: Analytical Expressions for Multilane Freeways
  • Challenges in Applying Calibration Methods to Stochastic Traffic Models
  • Calibration of the Fundamental Diagram Based on Loop and Probe Data
  • Data Assimilation Using a Mesoscopic Lighthill–Whitham–Richards Model and Loop Detector Data: Methodology and Large-Scale Network Application
  • Exploratory Analysis of Signal Coordination Impacts on Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram
  • Effect of Traffic Modeling on Control of Traffic Networks
  • Integrated Optimization and Simulation Framework for Large-Scale Crowd Management Application
  • Identifying Latent Classes of Pedestrian Crowd Evacuees
  • Modeling Driver Behavior in a Connected Environment: Integrated Microscopic Simulation of Traffic and Mobile Wireless Telecommunication Systems
  • Effects of Dynamic Speed Limits on a Dutch Freeway
  • Application of Bayesian Stochastic Learning Automata for Modeling Lane Choice Behavior on High-Occupancy Toll Lanes on State Road 167
  • New Extended Discrete First-Order Model to Reproduce Propagation of Jam Waves


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