Traffic Signal Systems: Volume 2


TRB’s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2558 consists of 9 papers that explore traffic signal systems, including:

  • Arterial Progression Optimization Using OD-BAND: Case Study and Extensions
  • Connected Vehicle–Based Adaptive Signal Control and Applications
  • Managing User Delay with a Focus on Pedestrian Operations
  • Automated Turning Movement Counts for Shared Lanes: Leveraging Vehicle Detection Data
  • Use of High-Resolution Signal Controller Data to Identify Red Light Running
  • Detector-Free Signal Offset Optimization with Limited Connected Vehicle Market Penetration: Proof-of-Concept Study
  • Assessing Longitudinal Arterial Performance and Traffic Signal Retiming Outcomes
  • Optimal Cycle-Length Formulas for Intersections With or Without Transit Signal Priority
  • Multimodal Intelligent Traffic Signal System Simulation Model Development and Assessment


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