Cable-Stayed bridge under construction in Saudi Arabia

World Road Association, 2012

Near the diplomatic quarter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a large tower is slowly reaching upward to the sky. This tower is part of unique bridge which spans the deep and wide Wadi Laban on the southern leg of the Riaydh Ring Road near its intersection with the Riaydh-Jeddah Highway. The Bridge is one of the longest and widest concrete cable stayed structure in the world It is an extremely sophisticated structure.

The Total bridge lenght is 763 meters which is divided amongst three spans. The two end spans are 179 meters each, while the mid-span is 405 meters. The width of the bridge is 35 meters and is comprised of two carriageways of 13.95 meters width and a 5.4 meters width median. The bridge deck is about 85 meters above the natural ground level in the Wadi and is supported by two towers of 167 meters and 175 meters in height.

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