Republic of Korea: Expressway Bridge Management

World Road Association, 2012

The first Korean expressway, 29.6 km long, was opened to traffic in 1969. Today, the expressway network is 3,143 km long, including 6,663 bridges.  By 2020, it is expected that the number of bridges will be 14,000.  However, the available budget for managing this network, including human resources, is not maintaining pace with the expressway system growth.  Recently, some shortcomings with respect to the management of the bridges have been identified based on observed performance and users of the expressway network are demanding a higher level of service. Traditionally, the bridges were managed using a process of preventative maintenance.  However, as the effective operation of the expressway network is fundamental to the nation’s economy, the Expressway Bridge Management System (EB MS) has been implemented by the Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC ) to manage the bridge system. This paper briefly describes it.

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