Connecticut DOT Announces Strategic Transportation Initiative with New Outreach Campaign

AASHTO Journal, 12 July 2013

Connecticut Department of Transportation is taking a new approach in strategic planning for the state’s transportation policies, programs, and projects with the launch of Transform CT.

Gov. Dannel Malloy announced the strategic transportation initiative Transform CT late last month as a way to grow the state’s economy and competitiveness while increasing sustainability and providing a blueprint for a better transportation system. Those goals will be accomplished, CTDOT says, by engaging businesses, elected officials, transportation advocacy groups, and other stakeholders to evaluate, prioritize, and shape the state’s transportation needs. CTDOT set up its Transform CT website to allow transportation agencies to list projects and the challenges they face. The public can then submit ideas on how to overcome those challenges and other ideas for the projects. The ideas will be reviewed and the best implemented.

“It is essential that we continue to improve transportation options and service in Connecticut,” said CTDOT Commissioner James Redeker in a statement. “This is a strategic approach to connecting our cities and towns and, most importantly, it gives the public a direct role in the process and the product. Improving our transportation system also makes Connecticut a more competitive, sustainable and livable state.”

Currently, topics on the Transform CT site range from transportation funding ideas to infrastructure projects of all modes. The site also enables users to post photos of what they think makes Connecticut beautiful and how those images make them feel.

Transform CT will help define the very future of Connecticut through a stakeholder process that will solicit input from residents and businesses about what works and what doesn’t work in our multi-modal system,” Malloy said. “The complexities in transportation are enormous, but this process will help us plan for a more sustainable, more efficient future.”

Additional information on Transform CT is available at

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