Bridge Expert Task Group Convened in Oregon

FHWA Weekly Consolidated Report, 19 December 2014

On December 12-13, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) convened an expert task group (ETG) to review ODOT’s plan and approach to investigate the effects of Specialized Hauling vehicles (SHVs) on the load carrying capacity of their bridge inventory. SHVs are a relatively recent addition to the commercial vehicle fleet in Oregon and are characterized as single-unit trucks with closely spaced multiple-axles that make it possible for these short-wheelbase trucks to carry the maximum load of up to 80,000 lbs. They are commonly used in construction, waste management, bulk cargo, and commodities hauling industries. The panel is comprised of nationally recognized experts who have contributed to the development of national design and load rating specifications including the Chair of the AASHTO Technical Committee for Bridge Evaluation, Inspection and Management. In February 2015 the ETG will provide ODOT with a report that is intended to address the benefits and risks associated with the planned time frame to conduct the SHV investigation, evaluate load posting signs and permitting issues, and review the public outreach effort to explain the issues associated with SHVs.


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